Common Support Questions

99% of the questions we get from existing customers are covered below... Just click on the question below for the corresponding blog post and/or video tutorial that addresses the question.

1) I just purchased GenSmarts and I'm having trouble with the download/install/activation...?

2) I've got a new or rebuilt computer - how do I get my GenSmarts on it?

3) I’ve got a new email address. How do I get you to update your records?

4) How do I get or check to see if I have the latest upgrade?

5) I lost my key to activate GenSmarts, can you look it up for me?

6) Is there a GenSmarts manual?

7) The data GenSmarts is giving me doesn’t match what I have in my file…?

8) I’m getting an error trying to open a TMG, RootsMagic, or Legacy file…?

9) How do I get GenSmarts to start analyzing a different file?

10) Why am I getting suggestions for things I’ve already recorded?

11) GenSmarts seems to be making up dates and places… why?

12) I subscribe to… why am I taken to a trial page?

13) How do I get suggestions for just one person?

14) How do I change Direct Ancestors (blue stars)?

15) What does GSEST mean?

16) What do all those symbols next to the TO DO’s mean?

17) I’m getting too many suggestions… where do I start?

18) How do I print a TO DO list?

19) I found a mistake in my data… how do I change it?

20) How do I get GenSmarts to make suggestions for each family member, not just head of household?

Other Resources

For questions such as “What countries does GenSmarts cover?” and “What products GenSmarts integrate with?”, see our "Prospective Customers" FAQ page.

If you don’t find the answer to your question/problem above, you can always email us at Let us know what you’ve already tried, so we don’t simply refer you back to this page.

Our blog contains customer initiated discussions about GenSmarts.

You might also find some interesting tidbits about GenSmarts by reviewing several hundred actual questions submitted to our support desk.