Trial Version

Give GenSmarts a trial run for free. Either click on the link below and click the SAVE button when you get the "You are downloading..." or right-click on the link above and select SAVE TARGET AS... from the popup menu.

Download GenSmarts Trial Version (8 MB)

GenSmarts runs on Microsoft Windows - for specifics see our FAQ. Mac users have reported success running under various PC emulation utilities, such as Crossover, Wine, Boot Camp, Parallels, etc., but not with Virtual PC.

The above trial demonstrates our most fully featured edition of GenSmarts, sold at, and includes direct access support (no export needed) for most popular genealogy software. For specifics, see our FAQ.

GenSmarts supports research for these countries:

  • USA (our most extensive inventory)
  • UK (several popular online databases)
  • Canada (several popular online databases - more coming)
  • Australia (only a couple of items so far...)
  • Or... add your own analysis logic for any country