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Posted July 31, 2016

You'll find a copy of the installation instructions at

Q) Why does it say my name/key entered is invalid?

A) Make sure the NAME is exactly as it appears on your emailed order notice, as well the KEY. And don't enter the prefix "NAME:" or "KEY:" in the input field... just the value.

Q) I purchased the registered version, but I still get the trial version when I run it. Why?

A) You have to (1) download and (2) install the registered version. See your emailed order notice for specific instructions, and re-download and re-run what you downloaded. When you do the download this time, make a note of where the file is being saved so you can go "double click" on it to run it when the download is complete.

Q) I can't find my order notice, where is it?

A) It's an email from GenSmarts Support with a subject of GenSmarts Order Notice. Send an email to if you need us to send you another copy.

Q) How do I order a CD?

A) Assuming you purchased a download only version, we'll sell you the Deluxe CD for the same price as our training CD ($9.99). Contact us via email first to let us know that's what you'd like to do and wait for our instructions...

Q) I get an "DeleteFile failed; code 5" when I run the install. What now?

A) The install is trying to remove any previous GenSmarts files, but can't because something is in use or blocking access. Check to see that you don't have the trial version still running - that will cause this error. This will also happen if you put the install file into the directory you're trying to install into. Move the install file into a different directory if this is the case.

Q) Are those zeros or the letter "O" in my access key?

A) They're zeros, but it doesn't matter - the software will accept either. The dashes are optional between the numbers/letters as well.

Q) I can't get the download to complete. What do I do now?

A) Try downloading from this link: - it's a different server in a different part of the country than the one in your email notice. If that doesn't work then the problem is likely local to you and your connection. The standard Windows mechanism for downloading isn't very tolerant of bad connections. There are third party products (known as download managers) which typically must better with slower connections than the default mechanisms provided by windows. Google "download managers" and you'll likely find several of these types of products. They are often free or at least free to try. If using a download manager doesn't work perhaps you should consider ordering the CD.

Q) When I run the install, it says the files are corrupt. Why?

A) Your download didn't complete. See above.

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