Updating Your Email Address

Posted July 31, 2016

GenSmarts website uses an email address for two different purposes:

1) Our support list and GenSmarts Support newsletter. These are the same list. Our anti-spam policies require that you change your email on this list yourself. This process prevents us or someone else from signing up people who don't want to be on the list. Many of the big ISP's (e.g. AOL) require that we follow such a process or they won't deliver mail from us. Here's instructions on joining or leaving our support/newsletter list:

If you'd like to remove yourself from the list, simply send a blank email from the email account you wish to unsubscribe to:


If you're not a subscriber, but would like to be, or you want to subscribe to from a different email account, just send an email from the email account you want subscribed to:


You can also use these mechanisms to change your email address - the most important thing is to add yourself from your new email account by sending from your new account to the join address above. If you still have access to your old email, you can remove it from the list by sending from the old account to the leave address above. If you aren't able to remove the old address, don't worry about it - it will delete automatically after we're unable to send to it a few times. Don't send us an email asking us to change your address - we can't do it for you because of our required self-verification process.

2) If you forget your key, we don't mind letting you automatically resend it to the same email address that was used to purchase it. We will not let you send your name/key information to any other email address, as we have no way of validating that it's really you that's requesting it... it could simply be someone trying to steal your name/key. So there's no way to change the email address our automated key retrieval uses. If you no longer have the email address you used at purchase time and lost your name/key... you'll have to use our request form. Or, better yet, treat your name/key just like you would a CD and don't loose it.

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