200 Questions And Answers about GenSmarts

Posted January 8, 2005 12:48pm

Listed below are questions submitted via the "CONFUSED" button in the GenSmarts software. We did minimal editing so you're seeing the questions as we get them and the answers will be very concise. You may also want to visit the training page, to see the video FAQ topics we've done to date.

Q) What is the number after the name?
A) Record Id Number from your genealogy software.

Q) What is GSEST?
A) GenSmarts Estimated

Q) How do I remove a task from the to do list?
A) Use the ignore button.

Q) Why isn't the DAR Library listed?
A) We haven't inventoried it yet.

Q) Does gensmarts cover afghanistan?
A) No

Q) Is there Lessons for GenSmarts?
A) We hope to have a full video available shortly. It may simply be free with the CD purchase, or we may charge a nominal fee. We'll keep posting free FAQ style videos at http://www.GenSmarts.com/training.html

Q) How do I avoid submitting password to the University of Chicago gate to Genealogy.com?
A) Something to try... leave the browser window open that GenSmarts is using and GenSmarts will resuse it for subsequent searches. That usually means you only have to go through one sign-on or access process.

Q) Transfer information to genealogy file..
A) We've now made it possible for your record keeping software vendors to take information directly from GenSmarts suggestions. TMG Version 6 is an example of this. We don't have any plans currently to have GenSmarts start changing your data.

Q) Can I make notes on the to do list?
A) Not currently, but it's and increasingly frequent request. I'd guess we'll get it in by June, 2005.

Q) Why does it tell me another program is already open?
A) This error code comes from Windows, so it's probably telling you the truth - something else is open and has a lock on the resource GenSmarts wants.

Q) Save issues?
A) When GenSmarts saves your marks (Found, Not Found, etc.) it does so by storing key information about the person in question - RIN, name, birth and death details, etc. In order to restore these marks on a subsequent run, these marks have to be matched up to the individual again... if for some reason, a match can't be found, it's logged in Save Issues for you to review.

Q) I just uninstalled GenSmarts and reinstalled the new version, but the box to enter my registration key is greyed out so I can't get out of trial mode.
A) You installed the trial version, which only has a "trial mode". Install the registered version - see our installation help page

Q) Duplicate individuals
A) Use the RIN (that number in brackets next to the name) to tell people apart.

Q) Registration
A) When you purchase from GenSmarts.com you get a name/key that's used to activate the software. The GenSmarts forum, like most forums, requires that you register yourself as a forum user before posting. These two forms of "registration" are unrelated - the username and password for the forum isn't the same as the name/key to activate the software.

Q) I don't get any suggestions in the to do list...
A) You either have a filter on (or something in the <= SEARCH) box that's limiting your view... or... GenSmarts couldn't understand your place names or dates... or... your data doesn't exist in a time and place where GenSmarts has record inventories.

Q) How do I remove a person from the suggestion list
Q) Use the IGNORE button. Use the <= SEARCH first to focus in on just the suggestions for this person, then you can tap the IGNORE button multiple times to quickly get all that person's suggestions.

Q) How do I research a new person, not one included in any data file?
A) Use the QUERY tab.

Q) How do I include siblings of direct ancestors?
A) There are no options currently on the scope of this filter. If you're a TMG user, you can do this with a custom flag - see the help text for the <= SEARCH input box.

Q) I downloaded this program twice. How do I know what one to delete?
A) You don't need the install file, so you can delete all of them. If you right click on the program GSEngine.exe and select properties, that'll show you the version number. Try to keep the version you're using in C:\Program Files\GenSmarts - it sure makes helping you easier when you have a problem.

Q) Add genealogy.com to my list of paid subscriptions?
A) In GenSmarts, TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscription tab

Q) Heritage quest
A) In GenSmarts, TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscription tab There's a bug fix out for Godfrey access to this - see http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html

Q) Does GenSmarts use OneGreatFamily software?
A) No.

Q) On the "My Genealogy File" tab, under Data Facts, the Surnames item shows (Not Available). Why?
A) Since you have a lot of people in your file, we didn't want to make you wait a few more minutes for your suggestions, just so we could count your surnames.

Q) How do I get my root person changed to the first person listed on the paf file?
A) Find the person you want the press the TAG AS DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOT button. Then press the FIND NEXT ROOT button and CLEAR TAG any people you no longer want as roots.

Q) How do i transfer data to FTM 2005
A) By typing it into FTM 2005 - see this blog video

Q) How does GenSmarts work with TMG?
A) Very well.

Q) Where can I get answers to a question if I don't have a sound card on my computer?
A) In the software, HELP...GENSMARTS HELP... or from the Windows menu START...PROGRAMS...GENSMARTS...GENSMARTS HELP... or review our blog http://www.GenSmarts.com/blog.html, or review our Rootsweb list GenSmarts-L, or see the manual on your CD or at http://www.GenSmarts.com/downloads.html or email us at support@GenSmarts.com

Q) Error loading file. (EffDatabaseError) [Flashfiler: ffQuery execution failed
A) Your install didn't work, or the shortcut you're using to start GenSmarts has been corrupted. Uninstall GenSmarts. If you downloaded the install file, re-download it. Re-install GenSmarts.

Q) How do I get gensmarts to redo the todo list?
A) FILE...REFRESH/REOPEN... It will redo the To Do list every time you run it.

Q) Why does GenSmarts redo the To Do List every time you run it, rather than saving it?
A) It's faster to do this than to do the analysis to figure out what has changed since your last analysis.

Q) I would like to know why, when I imported my PAF file, with my husband as the primary person, your program wouldn't accept him, but took instead his grandfather on his father's side?
A) During setup, GenSmarts takes a crack at suggesting who it thinks you might want to tag as a direct ancestor, but it's just a suggestion. Tag whoever you want on the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab.

Q) What is the number after the name?
A) Record Id Number from your genealogy software.

Q) What is GSEST?
A) GenSmarts Estimated
Q) How do I copy and print Explanation box?
A) Paid version only - CTRL-A, CTRL-C will copy, and to print, choose the FULL option when you run a TO DO list report.

Q) What am I supposed to do with the numbers in brackets at the end of a name?
A) Use them to distinguish between two people with the same name.

Q) How to add www.godfrey.org to online search locations?
A) Hertiage Quest via Godfrey is already there. Otherwise use TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RESEARCH...

Q) GenSmart seems to pick up the information that I already have in my program. When I try to research further eveything is locked and I have to pay for a perscription to get in. The person that sold me GenSmart quaranteed this would not happen. Somebody give the straight scoop on this program.
A) GenSmarts will give you information you're missing as well as information you may already have (for reference or corroboration purposes). GenSmarts will show you suggestions that can be found both offline and online, both for free and for pay. What suggestions you get is heavily dependent on the data you input to GenSmarts. The TO DO list filters allow you to filter out suggestions for things you already have or things you don't have access to, so you can choose if you want to know about them or not. Finally, if you feel you were misled, then get in contact with the folks you purchased it from (it wasn't GenSmarts.com) and ask for a refund.

Q) Why do I push the Available On Line button, it lights up, then does nothing?
A) The internet configuration on your PC is likely corrupt. Try to run IE by itself and verify that works. Try the TOOLS...TEST WINDOWS DEFAULT BROWSER... option and verify that works.

Q) Data facts, where do these come from?
A) We either pull these from your file or estimate them, based on your file.

Q) Program is telling me that my family of Polish/Russian Jews who emigrated to New York City were born in Yorkshire, England and therefore the Yorkshire Census should be searched. Doesn't seem to have good logic behind it - can it be corrected?
A) The logic is driven from you dates and places... if you have place names that can't be interpretted, are easily mis-interpretted, or you have told GenSmarts to use the wrong default country... then the bad input will create bad output. Place names in a standard, "ascending scope" format should be fine: city, county, state, country or city, county, country. If you leave off the country in your data, GenSmarts tries the default country you specify using TOOLS...SETTINGS...Analysis tab.

Q) what is the smile faces?
A) Fills missing data.

Q) How do i print geneology charts?
A) Use your record keeping software - PAF, FTM, etc.

Q) How can I do a global change for a place name?
A) See the help file for information on the PlacePhrases.txt file.

Q) Why are dates and places not correct?
A) The data comes from your file. If GenSmarts estimates something for you, it notes that by preceding it with a GSEST and comments on it in the explanation.

Q) Where can I find a copy of the 1865 Arkansas Census Record you have suggested?
A) If we don't have a location listed at the bottom of the explanation, Google it.

Q) Do I have to subscribe to Ancestry.com?
A) No... only a small percentage of GenSmarts users do.

Q) There is no information. Everything is blank.
A) Make sure "SHOW ALL" is checked in the upper right portion of the TO DO list tab. Make sure you have people listed in the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab - that confirms you have a file loaded. If both of those are true, then GenSmarts simply didn't have any suggestions for you - check the Data Cleanup, Place Names tab to see if there was some sort of fundamental problem with your place names. Also, verify that what you choose for a default country (TOOLS...SETTINGS... Analysis tab) was the country that makes sense for place names in your file where you haven't specified a country.

A) Not yet, but it's coming...

Q) found in more than one subscription
A) Use the little down arrow to the right of the AVAILABLE ONLINE button to choose where GenSmarts takes you.

Q) From "My Genealogy File" the "Tag as Direct Ancestor Root." tab does not light up so that it responds to a click.
A) It won't light up on someone already tagged as a root.

Q) I want to suscribe to a program that will allow me to search the 1880 census
A) GenSmarts would be a good choice, I think, but you don't have to subscribe... it's a one time purchase.

Q) How do I Transfer Found Surches to My Files
A) The same way you did before GenSmarts.

Q) How do I stop the 32 second timer? It comes on just as my surch is coming up every time.
A) Get a faster internet connection? :-) Perhaps we should put in a setting that will let you customize the wait before providing this warning.

Q) How do I unclick a choice?

Q) This program doesn't tell me anythuing I don't already know. It is only giving me info from my files. I can do that myself. How do I learn something new?
A) Try the FILLS MISSING DATA filter, to make sure you're not simply looking at a few things and making an inaccurate generalization (something we seen several times with people who get this impression). If that doesn't give you some new insight, then realize that GenSmarts suggestions are based heavily on your data - if there aren't any holes to fill that overlap with our records inventory... then you won't get much insight. In other words, as you add more data, you'll likely introduce holes and gaps that GenSmarts will be able to help you fill. The other possibility is that GenSmarts couldn't make sense of your place names for some reason and that is holding back suggestions - check the Data Cleanup, place names sub-tab to review these types of issues.

Q) In addition to the sites already search, how do I add a site to the search?
A) TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS... (Version and later)

Q) My subscrition to Genealogy. com has expired, I only have ancestary .Com . how can I take off Genealogy.com from Gensmarts?
A) TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscriptions tab...

Q) How do I print the history of a person?
A) PRINT...PEOPLE...Detailed option

Q) How can the info be changed when I know it's wrong?
A) If it's things that come up in GenSmarts itself... that comes from your data, so fix it with your record keeping program (PAF, FTM, etc.). If it's data that comes up in a search, for example the 1880 US Census... well, that's a historical record, so it is what it is.

Q) Why am I directed to research my ancestors in Colorado when none have ever lived ther?
A) Your place name includes a bad abbreviation for the word county, which happens to be the same as an abbreviation for the state of Colorado. As most genealogists will tell you... abbreviations in your place names is a bad idea.

Q) How do I update the GdnSmarts file to include new updates to my Family Tree software?
A) GenSmarts updates it's suggestions whenever you run it. Or you can force this with FILE...REFRESH/REOPEN...

Q) How do I print the list of unclear place names?
A) You can't, currently.

Q) How does data cleanup work?
A) It works just like a friend might work, if they were to go through your file - a list of things you might want to look at and why. No... GenSmarts won't go and make any changes for you (your friend probably wouldn't either :-).

Q) How can I change the suggestion if I know its the wrong state and date?
A) Change the data in your file the suggestion is based on, if it's incorrect, or provide new data in your file so GenSmarts will know what you know. Otherwise, IGNORE the selection.

Q) How do I remove the sample?
A) We can't think of any reason why you'd need to remove it... but it's in a file called SAMPLE.GED in your GenSmarts program directory. Beware, though, that this may break future updates (meaning you'll have to download/install again to get the latest version0, as does other tampering with the program directory.

Q) How can I save to do list in a file?
A) You can't yet, but it's coming.

Q) I need telephone assistance. Please give me a #?
A) 99% of the questions and issues users have can be solved with a simple visit to our support page: http://www.GenSmarts.com/support.html The telephone just doesn't work very well when it comes to teaching people how to use computer software. If you've reviewed your instructions, visited our support page, and still have a question, drop us an email at support@gensmarts.com - we typically respond within a couple of hours. And if it turns out we think it would be easier to simply talk to you on the phone, we'll let you know via reply email and arrange a time to call you. We can service the product in this way and not charge extra, over and above the cost of the software itself. I suppose we could offer a fee based personal support service via the telephone, but the rate we'd have to charge per hour (for our time) would be several times the cost of the software itself... so that just doesn't make sense.

Q) Does this have canadian info?
A) Yes

Q) Does not record any one from holland
A) Correct, we don't currently support research in Holland. You can add your own Holland sources, though with TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS... (version or later). See the complete list of locations we do support on our trial download page: http://www.GenSmarts.com/downloads.html

Q) How do l get rid of the things that are not true, XXXXXXX's were from Italy not England.
A) Fix your place names for these people.

Q) Is Internet Explorer preferable to AOL?...
A) Yes, although some might say that's a matter of taste.

Q) How do I save the reports as a DOC file?
A) Coming as a future enhancement...

Q) How do I start Gensmarts?
A) Windows START...ALL PROGRAMS...GENSMARTS...GENSMARTS or navigate to the program directory where you installed it (typically C:\program files\GenSmarts) and double click on GenSmarts.exe, or double click on the GenSmarts icon on your desktop (make sure it's not the GenSmarts installation program... sometimes users put that on their desktop as well).

Q) How do I print suggestion for one person?
A) While focused on the suggestion, use PRINT...TO DO LIST... and take the default options.
Q) Upgrade version
A) http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html

Q) are the world family tree volumes searched?
A) No

Q) What does query mean?
A) Allows you to make some data and have GenSmarts analyze it.

Q) how do I open my gensmarts file
A) GenSmarts reads and analyzes your genealogy file, it doesn't create a file of it's own.

Q) convert to research task
A) A nice feature starting to appear in your genealogy record keeping software that allows a GenSmarts suggestion to be added to the To Do list kept by your record keeping software (eg. TMG, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker, Legacy, PAF, etc.)

Q) How do I use the research locations tab ,info?
A) With the exception of the research location name/address, the info here is redundant to the TO DO list.

Q) How do I start?
A) Top line... HELP...WELCOME WIZARD... read that, then press the CONFUSED button and check out the video tutorials.

Q) Print the data cleanup list
A) Not yet, but coming soon...

Q) serial number input
A) We call it a name/key, and if you can't figure out how to enter it, you're not running the paid version. See our installation help page

Q) I subscribe to Genealogy.com, why am I taken to a 404 Page Not Available page?
A) Perhaps your internet connection is down, or Genealogy.com is down? Could also be that the suggestion you're trying to go to isn't on Genealogy.com, but rather some other website that's not available.

A) Microsoft's file accessing architecture that GenSmarts uses to read certain types of genealogy files. Used by many MS and non-MS applications.

Q) My son John Doe was born in Springfield,Va. on 1/2/1957, you have it wrong please correct.
A) GenSmarts doesn't contain any data - it all comes from you file. Obviously, GenSmarts doesn't have any control over the data you find on a site it links you to....

Q) Does gensmarts give film numbers and book titles?
A) Yes, at the bottom of the explanation in the paid version.

Q) i want to know exactly who would be considered direct ancestors of mine like brothers sisters aunts uncles etc etc?
A) Your parents, your parents parents, etc.

Q) Take me to my Ancestry.com subscription site
A) Select the filter AVAILABLE AT RESEARCH LOCATIONS BELOW... the TO DO list will go blank... then select Ancestry.com from the drop down list underneath this option... then the TO DO list will display all the suggestions GenSmarts has for Ancestry.com. Select one and press the AVAILABLE ONLINE button. If they show up with a RED mouse icon, then you don't have your TOOLS...SETTINGS... Subscriptions tab set up to indicate you subscribe to Ancestry.com

Q) I am subscribed to Ancestry.com. Why does GenSmarts insist that I have not subscribed to Ancestry.com?
A) Read the message you're getting again... it's not saying you're not subscribed to Ancestry.com, it's saying your not subscribed to the site you're trying to go to, which is probably NOT Ancestry.com, but some other paid site. Check the bottom of the EXPLANATION for the suggestion and see what site GenSmarts is taking you to. If it is, in fact Ancestry.com, then you don't have your subscription set up in TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscriptions tab correctly.

Q) Why is this considered a trial copy?
A) Feature limitations and fewer suggestions.

Q) Type your custom question here...How do I check for program updates?
A) GenSmarts does it for you normally, but you can also check manually by visiting http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html

Q) How do I use the available functions on the research button?
A) Click the little drop down arrow next to the AVAILABLE ONLINE button, and select the site you want, along with how you want to interface.

Q) How do I add a research location?
A) Not yet, but coming soon...

Q) I tagged a to do as found, now it doesn't show up in the to do...
A) Check your filters... click SHOW ALL if it's not selected.

Q) What is Fills Missing Data?
A) A filter that, when checked, will only display suggestions that provide data you don't currently have in your file.

Q) In name date cleanup can i automatically fix them?
A) No, you should really review each one and confirm the "fix". Use your genealogy record keeping software to change your data (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.).

Q) How do I mark and make the to do list?
A) GenSmarts populates the to do list for you, with research suggestions. You mark it with the FOUND, NOT FOUND, buttons however you'd like.

Q) What are save issues under data cleanup?
A) The research suggestions are re-calculated every time you run GenSmarts. Any tags or marks from prior sessions are reapplied... if for some reason a suggestion that was previously marked can't be located, it gets logged in the "SAVE ISSUES".

Q) How do you use Gensmart within TMG?
A) In Version 6 (or higher) of TMG, CTRL-E while you're looking at an individual will give you the GenSmarts suggestion for that person. It's also in the TMG TOOLS menu. This only works with the full edition of GenSmarts (e.g. it doesn't work with GenSmarts for MyFamily.com).

Q) How does it know which censuses i've researched?
A) By the Census tag/event/fact you record in your file, using your record keeping software (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.).

Q) Edit my file while running gensmarts
A) Open GenSmarts first, then your record keeping software.

Q) Do I have to join all the othergroups (ancestry, family etc?.
A) No

Q) How do I update place name information
A) Change your data using your record keeping software (PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) Enter registration
A) If you're installing from CD, then you don't need to enter it - it's taken care of for you. If you installed from a download, you can't run the registered version without being prompted to enter your name/key. If you're running GenSmarts and aren't being prompted for a name/key, you're either running the trial version or you've already entered your name/key. The name/key will survive an uninstall of GenSmarts, but not an uninstall of Windows are a new hard drive/copmuter.

Q) Export place names
A) A handy way to get a list of your place names and how GenSmarts understands them.

Q) why can't I print my to do list?
A) You're running the trial version (which doesn't support printing) , or you need to re-install your Windows printer driver to correct a Windows printing problem. GenSmarts uses more capabilities of the Windows print drivers, so even if other applications print with a faulty or corrupted Windows printer driver... GenSmarts won't until you fix it.

Q) How do I update my data?
A) Use your record keeping software (PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) How do I analyze files from a different software program?..
A) FILE...OPEN... from within GenSmarts. The full edition (available from GenSmarts.com) support most popular file types, and you can export to Gedcom for anything else. GenSmarts For MyFamily.com only support Family Tree Maker.

Q) When I click on the found box, my task list disappears.
A) The "found box" is a filter... by clicking it you're asking GenSmarts to display all suggestions you've marked as "FOUND". If you haven't marked anything... you'll get an empty list.

Q) How do I enter a brith place?
A) Use your record keeping software (PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) How do I search for a middle name and surname?
A) Use SMARTLINK by clicking on the little down arrow next to the AVAILABLE ONLINE button, and then type whatever search criteria you want on the resulting search page.

Q) add websites
A) Now possible with the new TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS feature that's in versions and later at http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html

Q) What does the "Find Next Root" botton find for you
A) Finds the next line you've tagged.

Q) In my list of family names, some appear 2 or 3 times in different forms. i.e. E.J. Bomar, Elizabeth Bomar, and Lizzie Bomar. How do I combine them to make one person, or delete two of the three listings so she is only listed one time?
A) You apparently have the person multiple times in your data, so you'll have to use your record keeping software to clean it up (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) How do I enter the registration number into GenSmarts? The Enter Your Registration Key option is greyed out. This was a re-install from the CD after a system crash and re-build.
A) You installed the trial version which can't be "registered".

Q) How do I make sure I receive updates?
A) Send an email to subscribe@GenSmarts.com and that'll get you on our support list.

Q) I purchased GenSmarts previously, how can I download a registered version
A) http://www.GenSmarts.com/support.html is your friend.

Q) How to connect my PAF 5 files with GenSmart?
A) Only the full edition of GenSmarts, available from GenSmarts.com, supports PAF 5. Simply use FILE...OPEN... to analyze the file.

Q) Alternative spelling
A) GenSmarts suggestions are taken from the actual names present on the 1850 and 1880 USA census. They're simply meant to give you some "food for thought". Ignore the ones you don't think are good ideas.

Q) Obsolete suggestion
A) A suggest that you previously marked (FOUND, NOT FOUND, PLAN TO SEARCH, etc.) that GenSmarts no longer believes is a good idea. GenSmarts suggestions come from facts in your data, and facts we put into GenSmarts. Since both sets of facts change over time... so will your suggestions. If you want to get rid of an obsolete suggestion, simply "CLEAR STATUS" the mark.

Q) I'm very confused. There were no instructions for gensmarts.
A) See that big button in the upper right hand corner marked confused? Press that. Press each of the buttons in turn and watch the Video FAQs. One of those buttons explains how you access the manual. See the word HELP in the top line? Press on that and select GenSmarts HELP. That's the same content as the manual.

Q) I have no volume. Is there a way to check if my cd is damaged?
A) Volume wouldn't have anything to do with your CD, or GenSmarts for that matter. Check your Windows sound settings.

Q) I require data from england not america
A) GenSmarts analyzes for quite a few English records, and you can now add more with TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS (version and beyond). If you're getting USA suggestions for people who weren't in the USA, then it's the place names in your data, and/or your GenSmarts default country setting that's incorrect.

Q) Still do not understand I get message that I need the trial to Ancestry .com when I already belong.
A) There is no message in GenSmarts that says you need to subscribe to Ancestry.com. Read the message/page you're getting, word for word. 90% of the time we get this question from users who are trying to access a suggestion on NEHGS.ORG or some other pay site.

Q) How long is the trial for?
A) Forever, until you purchase.

Q) I subscribed to the upgrade at $24.00 and have not been able to get to it. I only get the trail version.
A) Read your installation instructions and go to the page it tells you to if you have difficulties - our installation help page

Q) How do I start
A) Press the CONFUSED button in the upper right hand corner, see the question "where do I start".

Q) Can I export only the place names I want?
A) No, but you can open what you export in Excel and delete out anything you want.

Q) How do I record the fact that I persued the suggestion proposed by GenSmart and determined that the information found in the search does not correlate with the person in my data base?

Q) What is a "Root Ancester" ?
A) The most recent ancestor in a line you'd like to prioritize suggestions for.

Q) Can I install on more than one PC?
A) Yes, as long as you're the only person using GenSmarts on that machine. See your license in your GenSmarts program directory (typically C:\Program Files\GenSmarts )

Q) I subscribe to Geneology.com. Why can't I use it?
A) You can. Perhaps you haven't indicated to GenSmarts you subscribe via TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscriptions tab?

Q) How do I print the Explanation part of the to do list for an individual?
A) The FULL report option in the TO DO list reports.

Q) What is the difference between smartlink & smatsearch on the research link?
A) SMARTSEARCH presses the "submit search" button for you, while SMARTLINK doesn't - it lets you tailor the search parameters.

Q) I am trying to print my people and to do list.I get an error: Error initiating printing(E component error) (A component named smart People already exists) What does all this mean?
A) You tried to print a second report before the first report had finished. We need to put some validation in to prevent this situation from occurring. For now... be patient.

Q) What version of tmg can I use?
A) 4, 5, or 6. 6 is best because you can get suggestions from within TMG using TMG's CTRL-E.

Q) Why are there so many "unknown"
A) Sounds like GenSmarts is having trouble interpretting your names... you'd have to look at how you have them specified in PAF, FTM, etc. to figure out what's unusual about them.

Q) How can I print Research Facilities available for research list?
A) FULL option of the TO DO list report.

Q) Newsletter?
A) Something we should put out more often... :-) Between us growing so fast and all the changes brought on in email distribution due to spammers... we could just never find the time to overhaul our newsletter mailer. As of March 2005, we've finally have an automated, industrial strength mechanism and look forward to putting out a newsletter in April, 2005.

Q) How do I get updates?
A) Send an email to subscribe@GenSmarts.com to make sure you're on our list to get notified. Check http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html as often as you like for updates. The software itself will inform you of major updates.

Q) What is kiosk mode?
A) A way for people who don't have a file to manually enter in information and get suggestions. Used mainly in libraries and family history libraries.

Q) How do you purge a file from the program open list?
A) Edit the GenSmarts.ini file in GenSmarts program directory (typically C:\Program Files\GenSmarts) and change the name to all blanks. Not sure why you would need to do this, however... it's not used in any way until you "choose" it.

Q) How can I delete place with wrong county listed?
A) Fix your data using your record keeping program (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) How to indicate friend not spouse?
A) Use your record keeping program (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) I have over 7000 name in my data base. It has been several months since I have entered new names. When I click "No Status" the new names do not apper. How do I fix this problem.
A) "No Status" is a filter which will display any suggestions which you haven't marked. This may or may not have anything to do with you entering new names in your file. Use the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab and find some of the new people you've entered. If you can't find them, then you're not analyzing the same file with GenSmarts that you're changing, or you added the people since you opened GenSmarts and you haven't REFRESH/REOPEN'ed. If you find the people in the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab, but not in the TO DO list tab, then GenSmarts simply didn't have any suggestions for this new data.

Q) Full Version
A) We refer to the edition of GenSmarts sold at GenSmarts.com as the "full edition" or "full version" because it has a few more features than some of the "specialty" editions sold elsewhere. The differences are primarily in the product form (available both as a download and on CD) and in the number and variety of file types supported.

Q) How do I print out the Data Cleanup?
A) You can't currently.

Q) How do I record results of search?
A) The same way you did before GenSmarts, plus you can use the FOUND, NOT FOUND, etc. in GenSmarts to help you keep track of things.

Q) How do I change the 'tree' that I wish to search for information about?
A) Use the TAG AS DIRECT ANCESTOR button on the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab to mark the most modern ancestor of the tree. Use the FIND NEXT ROOT and CLEAR TAG to clear any other trees you've marked.

Q) How do I add a state census to check for an idividual?

Q) What is div1
A) The first division of locality after Country. In the USA it would be a STATE, in the UK it would be a county.

Q) After using My Genealogy File it sends me to to do list.
A) Double clicking on someone in the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab will take you to the TO DO list and show you the suggestions for this person and their family.

Q) Every name i double click comes back with no information or suggestions found
A) Then GenSmarts doesn't have any suggestions for that person or that person's family. In order for GenSmarts to produce suggestions for you, it needs to understand your data, so if you've not entered dates and places, or not entered your place names in a way they could be understood... then GenSmarts won't have anything to work with. Check the DATA CLEANUP, PLACE NAMES tab for a list of place names GenSmarts found issues with.

Q) how do i print
A) Top line menu in GenSmarts, the word PRINT... click that...

Q) Why isn't GenSmarts picking up missing data?
A) Only suggestions that fill missing data are highlighted... missing data that GenSmarts doesn't have a suggestion for is not noted.

Q)I just upgraded to TMG v.6, and downloaded GenSmarts. At the time of the download, I was instructed to upgrade my Adobe Reader, which I did. Since then, Adobe Reader has taken over my genealogy floppies from previous software - UFT & TMG v. 5. For instance, a floppy I had labeled UFT, is listed now with an Adobe Reader icon, and "Parry The Master Genealogist v. 6 1,424KB" . I tried to open it, but AR said it was not a supported file type or was corrupted. I was planning to reformat the floppy, and simply checked on contents before. I think this is somehow related to GenSmarts, as GenSmarts asked for the Adobe Reader upgrade. What is going on?
A) No, GenSmarts did not tell you to upgrade Adobe Reader, and what you're describing is unrelated to GenSmarts. Adobe Reader does that all by itself when you use it and it detects an upgrade. What you're describing sounds like a well known Windows bug where Windows icon cache gets corrupted. Google it and you'll find lots of solutions.

Q) Add another paid site

Q) How do I find information not in my family tree ?
A) Using more questions marks usually doesn't help... but the QUERY tab allows you to search on information not in your tree. Type anything you want.

Q) What is research priority?
A) GenSmarts way of putting things at the top of the list that we think you'll be most interested in.

Q) What good is this program, if all it tells me is what I already know. It looks like all it does is want me to buy more programs.
A) Use the FILLS MISSING DATA filter to only see suggestions that supply data you don't have. Use AVAILABLE TO YOU ONLINE to only see suggestions that you have access to. Other suggestions are provided for your reference or for you to use as confirmation/corroboration (e.g. additional sources). GenSmarts doesn't really care what you do or don't subscribe to... set it to display however you prefer.

Q) How do I apply information from GenSmarts to Family Tree 2005 and vice versa?
A) Apply your research finds/corrections to FTM 2005 the same way you did before - GenSmarts doesn't change that. Though you can quickly move from an individual in GenSmarts to the same individual in FTM using the F2 key in GenSmarts (which invokes F2 in Family Tree Maker).

Q) How do I set country of origin?
A) Change your data to include the country or use GenSmarts TOOLS...SETTINGS... to establish a default country when one isn't present in your data.

Q) Names listed as children in explanation are not children of researched individual
A) GenSmarts gets all it's information from your file, so perhaps you're not looking at the file you think you are, or your file is corrupted.

Q) Please explain the numbering system for the individuals in my program.
A) It's your program's number system, so look at the documentation for it for an answer. It's usually simply a unique number without any specific meaning attached. Turn it off with GenSmarts TOOLS...SETTINGS...Display tab if you don't want to see it.

Q) What does show only mean
A) These are filters to allow you to shrink the TO DO list to only items of interest.

Q) How do i save query?
A) Not possible currently... of course if you put this data in a file (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.) it will be saved.

Q) How do i get rid of old suggestions?

Q) How do I remove something from the To Do list

Q) Please assist me in setting-up the "internet exployer" program as my default browser?
A) In Internet Explorer, choose TOOLS...INTERNET OPTIONS... and check the box that says "Internet Explorer should check...default browser". Press Apply. Close all instances of IE. Now the next time you run IE it will check and, assuming it's not your default, it will ask you if you want it to be the default (say yes). If that doesn't work, re-install IE.

Q) Tell gensmarts not to search for particular types of records
A) Their aren't filters to do this yet, but it's a good idea and we'll try to get this capability added.

Q) How do I print call numbers for a research location?
A) Select the AVAILABLE AT RESEARCH LOCATIONS SHOWN BELOW filter. The TO DO list will likely go blank, because you haven't picked any locations yet. Pick the location you want call nubmers for from the drop down list below this check box. Now, when you print TO DO list reports, FULL, WORKSHEET, or RESEARCH PACK options, they will contain the call numbers for the selected facility.

Q) Can I go straight from the "To Do" list to the online data?
A) Press the AVAILABLE ONLINE button.

Q) How can you get information from the Clayton Library when you live at a different location?
A) Ask your local library and see if they can get the material on loan, or search their catalog to see if the same volume is available closer.

Q) Palm OS
A) We hope to have an enhancement later this year which will support PDA's.

Q) I have a new subscription, how do I let GenSmarts know?
A) TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscriptions tab

Q) How do you list info for hospital where birth occurred
A) GenSmarts reads place names from right to left (that's reverse of the way English is normally read). Anything more specific than city that you put on the left won't bother GenSmarts at all.

Q) I changed the data to correct errors in data clean up but the suggestion is still in the gen smarts notes
A) If you've tagged the suggestion, clear the tag in GenSmarts. Otherwise, you updated a different file than what GenSmarts is analyzing (or you just made the change and didn't have GenSmarts REFRESH/REOPEN).

Q) Can I search for living persons born after 1930
A) TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS... (version or later)

Q) How do I delete a A in the Clean up
A) Fix your place name in PAF, FTM, etc. Alternatively, you can mark them in GenSmarts with Right Click, "EXCLUDE FROM PLACE NAME CLEANUP"

Q) When it says the information is available online where do I go to find it?
A) Look at the bottom of the EXPLANATION, and it will tell you.

Q) Where does the information on Gen Smarts come from. It says my father is on the 1920 census in WV but I can't find him.
A) GenSmarts produced research suggestions, based on your data and an inventory of known records. GenSmarts knows the type of records, what they contain, and the dates and places covered, but it doesn't know who's on them... GenSmarts suggestions are just that - suggestions of where your ancestors might be found. They may or may not actually be in the records in question.

Q) Delete a suggestion I know is wrong?
A) IGNORE button

Q) My direct ancestor root does not appear in My Genealogy File list
A) You're analyzing the wrong file (or at least not the one you think you're analyzing).

Q) How to export GEDCOM for other software?
A) Look at the documentation you have on your "other" software. Google it's name and the word Gedcom and often you'll find someone has asked this question before.

Q) I have names of people that I do not know...
A) They're in the file you're having GenSmarts analyze. So either you don't know everyone in your file or you're having GenSmarts analyze the wrong file.

Q) How do I change a county name.
A) Specify it in your place name using your record keeping software (e.g. PAF, FTM, etc.)

Q) How do I indicate what is "available to me online?"
A) These are things that are available online for free, or availabe to sites you subscribe to, as you indicate to GenSmarts using TOOLS...SETTINGS... Subscriptions tab.

Q) I will be traveling to Texas. How do I find just the info I lack on my ancestor that are there.
A) Click the FILLS MISSING DATA filter, and then type TEXAS in the TO DO list <= SEARCH box. Print the TO DO list with the "ALL THOSE DISPLAYED" and the FULL option to run a report with all the results. CAUTION: you'll get a page for every suggestion so check the number of suggestions displayed (to the right of the <= SEARCH box), before printing to make sure you'll be printing a reasonable number of pages.

Q) How do I change the Font size?
A) Not currently possible. You might look into Windows Large Fonts feature and see if that would be helpful.

Q) Do I need to save anything when I close the program?
A) No, GenSmarts saves things for you every few minutes and also when you close.

Q) How do I switch update check on?
A) First, it's only off if you turned if off. See the HELP file for info on how to turn it on.

Q) Putting in the key number
A) See our installation help page

Q) why is it just showing census in suggestions?
A) Look further in the list. Often times the upper part of the list gets dominated by 1880 US census suggestions because they're free, available online, and provide lots of data (not only on a person, but on the person's parents as well).

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