Activation Key Lookup

This page is for those customers who have lost their GenSmarts download activation name and key and are hoping we will have a record of it and be able to resend it to them.

Tell us what you remember about your purchase...
  • When did you purchase GenSmarts?
      Within the past month
      More than a month ago but within the past year
      More than a year ago, but within the past 3 years
      More than 3 years ago
  • Did you get a CD when you purchased GenSmarts?
      No, I don't recall ever having one
      Yes, I had one, but I can't find it, or I want to look up my key anyway
      Yes, and I still have it
  • Where did you buy GenSmarts?
       Online, from
       Online, from
       Online, from
       Online, from
       Online, from
       Online, from a site not listed above
       By fax or mail
       In person, at a conference or a tradeshow
  • What email address did you use when you bought GenSmarts?
  • If we find your download activation name/key, can we resend it to that same email address?
       No, I no longer can access that email address