Census Suggestions

Posted July 31, 2016

Probably the biggest item of feedback regarding GenSmarts is that users feel that they get too many suggestions. So an ongoing goal is to avoid making suggestions that don't add value. To that end, when GenSmarts sees a family of 8 people, thought to be enumerated together on a census, it will make a single suggestion (for the person though to be the head of household), not 8 suggestions (e.g. one for every family member).

If you would prefer to see census suggestions for each family member (e.g. 8 different suggestions for the above family in a given census year), we've put in an INI file option which will cause GenSmarts to do that. If you know what an INI file is and are comfortable changing one, here's how to enable that behavior:

Use GenSmarts top line menu, TOOLS...Edit GenSmarts.ini to bring up windows notepad on the GenSmarts settings file. Find the line [Analysis] and insert a new line immediately following it, that contains:


Save the file, close GenSmarts and then start it again - you should now get person specific census recommendations.

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