New customers... or Existing customers installing GenSmarts onto a new PC... for complete paid version download and installation instructions, click here.

Exisiting customers... if you currently have GenSmarts installed and are just wanting to get the current version, click here. If you have the full edition of GenSmarts, you can also use the above "new customer" installation instructions and reinstall "over the top" of what you currently have.

Potential customers... for instructions on downloading and installing our free trial version, click here.

Some downloading tips - it's generally better to right click on these links and choose "SAVE AS" or "SAVE LINK AS", then select a location on your PC to save the file, and then run (double click) the file from the location where you saved it. That way you won't have to redownload it if something doesn't go quite right and you want to run it again. Some of the files below, such as the manual, work much better when run from your PC rather than from your browser anyway.

If you already have GenSmarts installed on your PC and simply want to update it - use our update page instead, as the upgrade utility will help figure exactly what version/edition you need, do all the downloading for you, etc.

For reference, here's some straight away links to the install files, if you don't need the instructions that go along with them:

GenSmarts Full Edition Downloads

GenSmarts Trial Version 2 (7 MB)

GenSmarts Paid Version (V1 & V2 - 12mb) (Requires Activation Key)

*Again, for complete paid version installation instructions, click here.

The paid version contains both Version 1 and Version 2 of GenSmarts - both versions share the same install file. Your activation key determines which version you get - use GenSmarts top line menu HELP...ENTER YOUR REGISTRATION KEY... to enter your Version 2 key if you're upgrading from Version 1 to Version 2.

See our Version 2 page for upgrade instructions, if you have Version 1 and want to get Version 2.

Some other goodies...

GenSmarts Manual (350KB) Ambiguous Place Names Report (1.7 MB)