GenSmarts Special Editions

Posted June 11, 2016 2:00pm

From circa 2005 through 2008, gave away and/or sold a couple of "special editions" of GenSmarts. These editions, called either "GenSmarts for" or "GenSmarts for Family Tree Maker" were subsets of the full product and sold exclusively by and only available on CD. These "special editions" were discontinued at that time (2008), though we continued to provide support and updates for them into 2012. The last update for those products can be downloaded at the links below.

Last Version 1 Special Edition update released (March, 2012): (GenSmarts For

Last Version 2 Special Edition update (March, 2012): (GenSmarts For FamilyTreeMaker)

The full edition of the product, of course, continues to work with and Family Tree Maker, as it always has. Users of the special edition who want to the latest updates would need to purchase the current full edition of the product.

See this post for help in figuring out what edition you have.

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