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Posted June 11, 2016 1:00pm

To Determine what version you have... The version number is shown in the window title of GenSmarts itself, as shown below.

Version Example

In the example above, the version number is 1074, which can also be written as This would be pronounced as Version 1, Release 7, Build 4. A five digit number, such as 10744, would be written as and would be a later build, Build 44, of Version 1, release 7.

To determine what edition you have... There are three editions of GenSmarts - the Full Edition, the Edition, and the Family Tre Maker Edition. The the Family Tree Maker editions are special editions available only on CD from and and do not support as many file types as the full edition. If you're using TMG, RootsMagic, PAF, UFT, Brothers Keeper, or Legacy files with GenSmarts then you have (or want to have) the Full Edition. If you purchased GenSmarts from or then you have one of the special editions (e.g. GenSmarts For or GenSmarts For Family Tree Maker). Look at the window title again... if it includes the phrase "For" or "For Family Tree Maker" then you have a special edition. If it says anything else, you have the full edition. Here's an example of what the edition looks like in the Window title:

Special Edition Example

For more information about the special editions of GenSmarts, see this post.

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