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Posted February 9, 2018 09:30pm

A big change in this update in the way the AVAILABLE ONLINE button works. In simple terms, this button is now browser independent and simply launches your default browser to the link. In more technical speak, we've dropped support for the SMARTSEARCH and SMARTLINK features, and now only support BROWSE.

We know many users had already made this change (via the INTEGRATION tab in TOOLS...SETTTINGS...), so it will be viewed by many as a welcome change. There is a small downside/loss however, in that there are a few websites that do not permit search criteria on inbound links... which means you'l have to type in the name you're searching manually. SMARTSEARCH could get around this limitation because Internet Explorer provided an interface that less us do that for you. This unique feature of IE was why, until recently anway, we continued to prefer it for known genealogy sites.

We're looking at a way of "doing the navigation and typing for you" with Chrome and Firefox via a browser extension, but aren't sure yet if the installation and setup of such a thing could be automated enough for the average GenSmarts user.

We also are most of the way through a process to clean up and validate all the links in GenSmarts. We've got a little more to do there, so will catch the remainder up in the next update.

If GenSmarts itself doesn't prompt you, you can always get the latest "recommended/stable" version at this link:

Once downloaded, with GenSmarts closed, you can simply install "over the top" of what you have.

FYI - the exception to the above would be if you have a "special edition" of GenSmarts. See this post if you think you might have one of these special editions.

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