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Posted November 26, 2015 2:19pm writes...

Hi I have been using Gensmarts (both V1 and 2) for several years and whilst I am by no means an expert I find it a very useful tool in helping organise my research.

Yesterday i upgraded my machine to Windows 10 and for some reason the programme will not load my working file. I use Family Historian and always save a Gedcom version for Gensmarts and have never had a problem.

Now i find that the programme cant find the file automatically and will not load it if i point to it manually.

Anybody else have this problem and is it a compatibility issue with Windows 10?

with thanks


On 2015-12-04 3:53pm GenSmarts replied...

It sounds like the file got saved to a folder that has security restrictions... try saving the Gedcom to your My Documents folder and manually open it from there with GenSmarts.

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