how to copy suggestions to WordPad

Posted November 8, 2014 5:52pm

mdietz39 writes...

I would like to copy all the suggestions on a specific individual to either WordPad or Word so I can post them as a note/anecdote/etc. in my database (TMG). That way I have the suggestions with me without having to open GenSmarts.

Any suggestion (pun intended) is greatly appreciated.


On 2015-01-03 3:49pm rasamassen added...

Filter the report using the search box to only display the person you want. Then use the Print menu at the top. Use "print to do list". Change it to print all displayed.

You can have it print to a word or text document. Just be careful to note where you save it to, as GenSmarts currently doesn't have an option to automatically open the document after "printing" (wonderful future feature hopefully the program will one day add).

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