RootsMagic Error calling GSExecCMD 1

Posted June 20, 2014 1:57am

abadjw writes...

program locks up and issues this message after a few minutes but keeps displaying when trying to exit. Had to cancel rootsmagic 6 and then gensmarts went away and roots was back running again. New user and trying to use the product.

On 2014-06-23 7:07pm GenSmarts replied...

The biggest tip is to run GenSmarts standalone, get it set up with the options and settings that you like and then use it from within RootsMagic (or TMG if you use that software to invoke GenSmarts). A frequent cause of these errors is a dialog box requesting your response that occurs behind or off to the side of the window your focused on and goes unnoticed. It could be something like your anti-virus or firewall asking your permission for something or GenSmarts itself (if something in your setup is amiss). Eventually, if enough time elapses the calling process (RootsMagic or TMG) will give up and show one of these errors. There are other possible causes, but that scenario is probably the most common.

Here's a list of the error codes and what they mean:

1) GenSmarts failed to start up.

2) GenSmarts started, but is not responding.

3) GenSmarts started working on your request, but timed out.

4) GenSmarts did not respond to a request to shut down.

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