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Posted June 20, 2014 6:34pm

IE8 had a bug that required sites that were to be used with it's automation interface to be "trusted". This message is GenSmarts attempting to do that for you. Depending on your configuration and which way the wind is blowing, your PC may let GenSmarts do this or may not.

If you're still using IE8 (it's pretty old at this point), you really should upgrade to IE10 or IE11. That will make this message go away.

If you're getting this message and you already have IE10/11, then you may need to update GenSmarts to a version that will detect that - here's a download link to a recent update:

The above would work for both Version 1 and Version 2 users - the install has both in it. It's a full edition - check here if you're unsure if you have that or not:

A few users have asked how to avoid having GenSmarts use IE at any cost, so here's some background on that. There are two technologies GenSmarts can use to control the browser - SmartSearch/SmartLink which uses the browsers automation interface, and BROWSE, which simply asks Windows to use whatever you have as your default browser to go to a specific URL. SmartSearch/SmartLink are effectively IE only, as Firefox and Chrome do not provide an automation interface. To have GenSmarts use Firefox/Chrome, you would use the top line menu in GenSmarts - TOOLS...SETTINGS... Integration Tab... and change the default action for the Site Linking to BROWSE. Many users prefer to use SmartSearch/SmartLink over Browse, even if IE is not their preferred browser, because it offers a little better form filling on the websites.

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