Legacy 8 - EOle exception/Parameter IDIR error

Posted December 4, 2013 4:26pm

Should be just a few more days until we have an update to GenSmarts that will support the recently released Legacy 8. I'll update this message with status periodically...

12/13 Update: here's the first crack at a version that supports Legacy V8 - if you have any issues, drop me an email at support@GenSmarts.com


This is a full edition Version 2 build of GenSmarts, and you can install it "over the top" of what you have. Note that Legacy V8 support was only added to Version 2 of GenSmarts - if you have Version 1 (from 2006 or earlier), you'll need to upgrade to Version 2 to get this new capability to work with Legacy's V8 database.

FYI - the error you receive when using an older version of GenSmarts (before this Version update) is "Error Loading file (EOle exception( [Parameter IDIR has no default value]))".


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