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Posted July 10, 2013 6:06pm

JimB writes...


I've started using the Customize Records facility. While it generally works pretty well for me, I've run into some puzzles.

1) Documentation bug: The GenSmarts help file (topic: About Variables) includes gsStateNameAb, but I found through trial and error that gsStateNameAb isn't implemented. It should be gsStateAb instead.

2) What causes gsStateName and gsStateAb to be populated? For some record sets, they show up with the right substitutions, like Virginia and VA. For other record sets, they show up as UNKNOWN and ** for everyone in the review list, even when the GenSmarts explanation includes state info.

3) Can someone clarify gsBirthFromYear, gsBirthToYear, _gsDeathFromYear, and gsDeathToYear? Are they not fully implemented, or have I misunderstood their description? I find that gsBirthFromYear is always the birth year minus 2, and gsBirthToYear is always 0. I find that gsDeathFromYear is always death year minus 2 or 5, and gsDeathToYear is always 0. I can describe the behavior I hoped for, based on what the help text said, but I'll stop here for now instead of making the post even longer!


Jim B

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