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Posted June 19, 2013 8:45pm

debbieshields writes...

It looks to me like the last update to GenSmarts was more than a year ago. Have I missed something?

On 2013-06-22 8:28pm GenSmarts replied...

The last update was in the last 90 days - check the date of the slCache.dat file (it's in your Public Documents folder, GenSmarts subfolder). We put some changes in a couple of years ago, such that many of the updates we do no longer require us to change the code. Unlike code updates, these sorts of updates happen transparently in the background (kinda like when a website you use has a bad link to another site... you're not really aware of when the website gets fixed, other than it just works when you click on the link). The last code update was last year ( http://www.gensmarts.com/versionHistory.html is accurate for that).

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