Issue with cyrilic symbols

Posted November 1, 2012 1:17am

bronislav writes...

I have strange issue with cyrilic symbols in GenSmarts. Dose GenSmart support it at all?

I open RootMagic database in GenSmarts and see the folowing (see attahced screenshot). Cyrilic names in some places show corectly but in some others not. I've marked with red color places with incorect encoding and with green - correct.


I almost shure, that names in my database is in utf-8 encoding. May be some fonts, that used in interface don't support cyrilic symbols? How I can help to solve this issue.

I really want to buy program, but this issue stops me.


If I set "MS Sans Serif" for to do list display attributes, than individual list show with right symbols. So, my opinion, that this issue related to fonts that used in program interface.


Unfortunately, I found only option to change font for individual list and can't find any setting for other used fonts.

On 2012-11-03 12:08am GenSmarts replied...

I believe that People Facts portion of the screen is Courier New and that font choice is not user selectable.

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