1940 US Census

Posted March 24, 2012 7:23pm

An update has just been posted to add support for the 1940 Census.


Update 3/26/2012 6pm - The update has now been pushed out to all editions and even the trial version has been updated. See the update page http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html if GenSmarts doesn't detect it for you The newsletter will likely go out tomorrow.

It's tagged as an optional update at this point, so you won't get notified about it unless you (top line menu) TOOLS...SETTINGS...UPDATES... and tick on "ALL UPDATES".

Update 3/25/2012 4pm CDT - After 24 hours with no bug reports, the update has been marked RECOMMENDED, so will show up for all Full Edition users without any settings changes.

At this point, this is only for the "full edition" of GenSmarts, not the special editions. Other editions will come later after some more testing.

After some more testing, we'll change the update to "RECOMMENDED" and it will show up for all in the normal manner.

We'll also send out an email support newsletter announcing the update.

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