Posted January 27, 2011 1:11pm

Jane writes...


I'm just wondering if you're still supporting GenSmarts? Is a new version in the works? It's been so long since we've heard from you and this forum and the rootsweb list is moribund.

I love GenSmarts and use it very frequently and hope you are working on making it even better.


On 2011-01-27 9:51pm GenSmarts replied...

Support is done via email and that's the primary way we interact with users. The forum is supposed to be a way for users to interact with other users. I've probably enforced that more so in the past year or two than previously.

Yes, I anticipate there will be a Version 3 of GenSmarts some day.



On 2011-05-19 4:33pm dchris added...

If there is a Version 3, definitely would be interested in purchasing an updated version. I love how it interacts with RootsMagic. Maybe you could debut the new version at a Rootstech conference (http://rootstech.familysearch.org/)?

Until then, I am still going to use GenSmarts V2.0.


p.s. Tried this new software program GenDetective, absolutely no comparison to GenSmarts! You guys are the best!!

On 2011-07-13 7:22pm marshrail added...

I just installed GenSmarts today, and am very impressed with the helpful information provided in the setup CD, and on your website!

Hope you keep the program going!

Have you ever done a presentation of your program at CAGGNI -http://caggni.shuttlepod.org/ - a computer assisted genealogy grp which meets in Schaumberg, IL? I think it would be a hit there.

Good luck with continued success.

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