Posted April 22, 2010 7:09pm

rasamassen writes...

First, (in the sandbox) when printing the TODO list after customizing the suggestion data, there is no way to sort the printed results by the format the suggestion data is in.


  Arends, Thomas (1983)
                Spiess, Esther (1999)
                Ausborn, August (1935)

In this example, Esther's maiden name is Armstrong, and thus when I print the TODO list with a smart surname, she appears in a weird location.

Second, when displaying death records for individuals, gsSurname and gsSmartSurName display the married name, but gsNameWithRIN displays the birth name. It would be helpful if gsSurname printed maiden name always or if there were a way to specify maiden name over married name - otherwise, what is the purpose of these two separate fields?

Third, there are no variables for marriage information. Why not?

Third, second half: Where is the variable for gsSpouse instead of bride or groom? There's currently not a smart way in GS to only print one suggestion per marriage in the sandbox rather than per person (resulting in two suggestions per marriage - one for the groom and one for the bride). I take that back - you can display males only or females only - the problem is GenSmarts makes suggestions for individuals who have children but no spouses, and constricting to male or female results in the loss of those suggestions for the people of the opposite gender.

Fourth, it would be helpful to have variables for displaying full estimated birth/marriage/death information.


If I "Print People" instead of TODO, they all appear with birth information as best estimated in parenthesis.

Why not make these simple variables instead of forcing every user to rebuild these GenSmart variables from their building blocks?

Fifth, gsGroom, gsGroomFull, gsBrideFull, and gsBride do not match their descriptions.

After limiting the marriage records to females only, here's what I found:

gsGroom gives you the groom's last name

gsGroomFull gives you nothing

gsBrideFull gives you the bride's given name but not surname

gsBride gives you the bride's maiden name

The result is I cannot get a record to display: John Doe m. Jane Smith in 1983 because either the bride's or groom's first name will not display.

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