FTM 2010

Posted October 27, 2009 9:02am

Ladybear writes...

Now that FTM 2010 has been released, will an update be forthcoming or will it even be necessary? I have the FTM 2010, but have not run GenSmarts with it, if it doesn't work, FTM will prob erase more information. It likes to delete my media folder whenever I run anything incompatible with it... well this has happened with most of the FTM's in the past, at least. Most likely it's something that I either need to do first or at some point during the import rather than with FTM.

Thanks... sorry about the rambling... am about to go to sleep when I decided to check in here.


On 2009-10-27 2:18pm GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts Version 2 ( or higher) should open FTM 2010 without issue.

There are a couple of minor things that we want to improve in the next update regarding FTM 2010, but nothing major that would prevent you from using GenSmarts with FTM 2010.

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