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Posted October 11, 2009 7:54pm

Nettie writes...

Issue: a person has all census records, death certificates, but the GenSmarts button from within RM4 is telling me I need to re look for those records. Can the Source template have something to do with not recognizing they are already on one person's chart. RM4 transferred Sources from RM3 to RM4 using the free form template. Have not changed all of the free form over to the EE templates. Any suggestions. When I started the regular edition of GenSmarts without coming from RM4, had the same issue. Any suggestions Thank you

Nettie from CN MN

On 2009-10-12 11:53am GenSmarts replied...

Census records documented as events should be pretty straight forward, and easily picked up by standalone GenSmarts.

A death certificate as a source of a death event should also be pretty straight forward and not dependent on specific wording/template/style of the source, since what GenSmarts cares most about in this case is simply that you have a source (any source) for a death event. Leaving a death event unsourced and attaching a death certificate source to some other event will likely result in GenSmarts giving you some suggestions for the death event - since it's unsourced in this case.

Since there is no real standard for how one documents a census record in a source entry... for GenSmarts to pick out the fact that it's a census record for a specific year and a specific place requires that you've been pretty obvious in the title and descriptions of your source master and citation entries. Can you give an example of what you have in your file?

When invoked from within RootsMagic, GenSmarts does it's analysis only on the data that RootsMagic is passing, which I don't think currently includes source info... so I don't think suggestions you get from within RootsMagic are going to factor in source information. That shouldn't be an issue when running GenSmarts standalone, though, as standalone looks through all the data.

Analyzing source info is something that was a new feature with GenSmarts Version 2, so you would need Version 2 of GenSmarts... I assume you're running the latest version of GenSmarts - - I recall one of the early versions of GenSmarts had a bug relating to source info and RootsMagic. See if you need to update.

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