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Posted August 10, 2009 5:33pm

Patt writes...

My list of WW1 draft people is incomplete. e.g. Glen Zimmerman is on the list but his brothers, Calvin & Claude aren't. All 3 have birth dates.

When I check for suggestions for Claude or Calvin I get census suggestions and a few others but not the WW1 draft. Claude was born c 1880 and Calvin was born in 1875 so both should be on the list

Claude's lastest event is in 1915 and he have no military events.

Calvin died in 1974 but he has no military events either.

What am I missing?



On 2009-08-10 10:48pm GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts will only make suggestions for records that it (GenSmarts) knows to exist, and then it will only make a suggestion for that record if a person has enough specific facts (related to that record) surrounding them. Any suggestion GenSmarts makes is explained. There is no feature in the software to try to explain suggestions that GenSmarts did not make.

GenSmarts is designed to give you many good suggestions - it is not designed to give you all possible suggestions - there's some selectivity involved to try and increase the quality of the average suggestion that does get made (at the expense of it being an exhaustive list). So trying to understand why GenSmarts doesn't make a specific suggestion is mostly an intellectual curiosity exercise. There isn't really anything you are likely to learn that will further your research. Better to focus on what the software was designed to do - that being the suggestions that are in the list.

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