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Posted July 16, 2009 9:13pm

Bellag writes...


I've set up a Source for each of the following:

GRO Index of Births

GRO Index of Marriages

GRO Index of Deaths

These are the main indexes (available online) which give you the details required to obtain a B/M/D certificate. I assume that this should correspond to ENG Birth Records, ENG Marriage Records and Eng Death Records.

I add citations to each each birth / marriage / death event using the corresponding source. In the citation I add the specific details (index period and page + volume and page for the certificate and any additional info mentioned such as mother's maiden name).

The problem is that I am prompted to search the online ENG Birth Records etc even when I have added a citation as above. I am not sure whether this is due to the way I have added the citations (do I need a separate source for each record?) or it does not recognise the name etc.

The main reason this is an issue is because it makes it hard for me to identify records where I really don't have the source information.

I'm fairly new to this [:I], so if I've set it up wrong, changing the way I've set up the citations isn't too big a deal at this point

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks[:)]


On 2009-07-17 1:31pm GenSmarts replied...

I can think of a couple of possible things...

1) Often times when it appears GenSmarts isn't seeing information, it's because you have GenSmarts looking at a different file than the one you're changing - see for some tips on this.

2) Sensitivity to sources was added in GenSmarts Version 2, so if you're using Version 1... that would explain it.

What type of file/software are you using to record your sources?

If you want to copy/paste the explanation that GenSmarts gives you for the suggestion, I may have more comments.


On 2009-07-17 8:16pm Bellag added...


Thanks for your reply.

I'm certain it's the correct file. I've also tested on a small file with only 4 people and I got the same problem.

The prompt I get is:

Missing Source

This suggestion is important because it appears to be either a source for an event where you have no sources, or because there is a high probability that it will be an additional source to what you currently have.

I created the GEDCOM file using Family Historian from Calico Pie. I am using the Trial version of Gensmarts.


On 2009-07-19 7:39pm GenSmarts replied...

Gedcom is the key word... GenSmarts does not yet look at sources from a Gedcom file, though I expect that the next update will add that. If your data in another format (PAF, Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, TMG), etc. you should use that file instead of a Gedcom.

On 2009-07-22 5:25pm Bellag added...


Thanks for the update. Family Historian natively writes a GEDCOM file so there is no other file for GenSmarts to use in this case. I'll keep an eye on the site and hopefully this will get added in a future version [:)]

Thanks for your help


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