Can GenSmarts drive the browser within FTM 2009?

Posted March 14, 2009 9:44pm

jimlambeth writes...

The answer to this could easily be "good luck with that!" :-)

I'm try to figure out a way to make GenSmarts 2 use the FTM browser ... so I can use the two together more easily.

Is any one aware of a FTM command line string that might work in the GS alternate browser field? That would be sweet ...

I've asked over at FTM ... but they aren't particularly responsive. I figured if any one has already made it happen, it would be someone here.

I assume the FTM browser is embedded IE ... but I'm not finding out much from that direction.


On 2009-03-15 10:16pm GenSmarts replied...

Yes, I think it's a subset of IE under the covers, but since it's embedded within FTM itself, I don't think you'll find any command line for it.

If FTM were running, it might be possible for GenSmarts to attempt to reuse that browser rather than launching a new one. I notice that when I tried to use the FTM browser to go to CNN.COM it errored out, so I'm not sure if enough of IE is enabled within FTM to make that workable, though. I also can't imagine this working under VISTA, which pretty much prevents two programs from interacting through this sort of back door.

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