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Posted January 28, 2009 9:11am

rasamassen writes...

I'm using GenSmarts

I have a girl named Gertrude who was born in Abt. 1903 in Iowa, USA (as per a census record I found). Her older brother August was born in Calhoun, Iowa, USA in 1896. Her father/mother/older siblings were found in census records in Calhoun, Iowa, USA in 1885, 1900, 1910, 1915, 1920, and 1925. Based on this information, an untrained eye would assume a good place to look for birth information on Gertrude is in Calhoun County. Of course, anomalies happen - maybe they moved for a few years, maybe she was born on vacation, maybe she had to go to an out-of-county hospital, etc. - but Calhoun County seems like the likely place to find something.

However, GenSmarts doesn't estimate more specific locations when a general location is known. Thus, when I build a SandBox record to list births in Calhoun County, Gertrude doesn't show up.

Obviously, estimating more specific locations from general locations should be an option that could be turned off in settings, but I would think when this much data points to a particular location, GenSmarts should be able to interpret it to estimate a more specific location. Note: I'd assume this setting would respect the general location (in this case Iowa, USA) and not change it. Thus, if Gertrude had been born in Illinois, USA GenSmarts would not be able to determine a more specific location for Gertrude's birth.


On 2009-01-28 9:57am GenSmarts replied...

Correct - since you have specified a location for Gertrude's birth, GenSmarts will not override your data with it's own estimate.

I'll put this suggested feature on the list for Version 3 consideration.

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