Recognizing WWI Draft Registration in RM Database

Posted January 8, 2009 2:37pm

c24m48 writes...

I'm a Rootsmagic user (version 3 of RM). I have a Tennessee man in my database who registered for the WWI draft in Ohio. The registration is entered into RM as a Military Draft fact. GenSmarts is making recommendations to look for a WWI draft registrations in Tennessee and Kentucky. I'm sure the Kentucky recommendation is because his wife was from Kentucky.

How do I tell GenSmarts to recognize the Ohio registration and not to recommend looking in Tennessee and Kentucky?

Jerry Bryan

On 2009-01-08 6:38pm GenSmarts replied...

The suggestion explanation for the Kentucky suggestion should give you the basis for why Kentucky...

Alternatively, you can look at the timeline (People reports, the most detailed option) for this person and see what events are causing GenSmarts to think that this person lived in Kentucky just prior to or just after the draft.

Then provide a residence or census fact to show otherwise and the Kentucky suggestion should no longer be made.

I don't think WWI draft registrations are not currently amongst the suggestions that we try to match up with your sources, so you'll likely continue to get the Ohio suggestion, regardless of how you've sourced it.

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