FTM 2009 & GenSmarts

Posted September 30, 2008 12:57am

tschlarm writes...

I installed FTM2009 and now GenSmarts is reporting:

"Family Tree Maker does not appear to be properly installed - path to FTm.exe was not found"

I don't mind a little registry or environment variable hacking. Could you tell me where GenSmarts is looking so that it can run again. It worked fine with FTM2008.


On 2008-09-30 5:27pm GenSmarts replied...

We hope to have an update out for GenSmarts Version 2 in the next couple of days that will add support for FTM 2009.

On 2008-10-01 2:03pm GenSmarts replied...

An update for Version 2 of the full edition that adds support for FTM2009 was just posted at http://www.GenSmarts.com/VersionHistory.html

We'll have an update for special editions after we get some more testing done on the above.

For more information on full edition vs. special edition, see


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