ZoneAlarm preventing GenSmarts install

Posted September 22, 2008 3:17pm

saprea writes...

[?] I installed and used V2 Sept. 18th (4 days ago). The application ran fine. Today I can't get the application to launch unless my ZoneAlarm Pro is completely turned off. I have identified GenSmarts as an approved program and I've added the website to the allowed lists.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem and is there a known solution?

I am running a Gateway M-series laptop with MS Vista

ZoneAlarm v8.0.020.0000 that includes TrueVector, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Anti-spyware. I have reset every available option to "default" with the exception of the allowed lists for programs and websites. Those are still custom with my browswers (mozilla and IE) and my preferred software programs.

On 2008-09-23 2:57am GenSmarts replied...

Make sure you've got both GenSmarts.exe and GSEngine.exe as approved in ZoneAlarm.

On 2008-09-23 5:52pm saprea added...

Thank you. It looks like GSVerify.exe was the culprit.

On 2008-09-23 6:26pm GenSmarts replied...

GSVerify.exe is part of the installation routine... so would only be something you'd encounter when you install GenSmarts. It sounds like you were installing the software over and over again...

As GSVerify.exe doesn't access the internet, I assume it was the anit-virus/anti-spam piece of ZoneAlarm that was at fault here.

Regardless, this sounds like yet another bug in a firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware product. These products are supposed to help you, not arbitrarily keep things from working on your PC in a way that leaves you without a clue as to what is happening in your defense.

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