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Posted March 9, 2008 8:39am

Rwells1938 writes...

I am using GenSmarts version and for some reason the suggestion to search the ky death records are not showing up on individuals. Not all but most.

Example I have a James Wells who died in KY between on 1870 and 1880. There is no suggestion to search the the KY deaths. I am sure this use to work because on many of them I see the check that I found or did not find them.

By the way I love the sandbox.

This just seems to have changed lately?

Any help or suggestions..



On 2008-03-10 4:09pm GenSmarts replied...

If you have a source for his death already, then you won't get a suggestion. That's new with Version 2. You can change that in TOOLS...SETTINGS... if you like. That's the only thing I can think of that's changed recently.

The other thing to keep in mind is that GenSmarts will only make suggestions for records that it (GenSmarts) knows exist (e.g. are in the suggestion inventory). If you look at the "people facts" in the My Genealogy file tab for this person, you'll see where and when GenSmarts thinks he died. In your example, I don't think there's any statewide death records for Kentucky in that time period in GenSmarts inventory, so if there wasn't any evidence to suggest a specific county, then I don't think you'd get a suggestion. And you may or may not get a suggestion if there's a suspected county for the death, depending on if GenSmarts knows that death records exists for that county at that time.

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