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Posted January 11, 2008 7:37am

Matt_G writes...

I am running TMG 7.00 and the latest version of Gensmarts,

When I run GS in stand-alone mode, all the suggestions generated have icons next to them denoting "available online" etc.

However, when I invoke GS from inside TMG 7 I do not get these icons next to the suggestions.

Several other people have reported this same issue on the TMG mailing list.

I have gone into settings and turned off the integration settings for Legacy and RM. That didn't help. (Not that I expected it to)

Any ideas as to what the problem is?

I am not even sure if the problem is a GS problem or a TMG problem. <shrug>


On 2008-01-11 8:21am GenSmarts replied...

What you see when you invoke GenSmarts from within TMG is part of TMG itself - GenSmarts provides the raw data behind the scenes and TMG itself formats that window and presents it. So you'll need to contact TMG support and have them look into this... it's probably a simple little bug in the new release of TMG. New versions tend to have a few of those... [:)]

On 2008-01-11 8:44am Matt_G added...

Thanks for the reply.

I just found out via the TMG mailing list that this issue has been reported to the TMG Developers.

On 2008-01-12 3:38pm GenSmarts replied...

FYI - according to the following post, the issue seems to be a glitch in TMG 7's installation routine. Here's a workaround posted over in the TMG forum that seems to have helped people:

On 2008-03-05 11:17am logancounty added...

I have had GS since the beginning, before it was added to TMG. When I invoke GS from TMG am I going to get the TMG version or my own copy? I have never invoked it from TMG before.

On 2008-03-06 11:47am GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts wasn't added to TMG in the way you're thinking - it's still a separate program. What was added was integration - the ability for TMG to sense that you had GenSmarts installed on your computer and offer to go consult your GenSmarts to get suggestions for you. So it only looks like they're the part of the same program.

So when invoked from TMG, you're using the same copy of GenSmarts that you have installed standalone. The difference is that when GenSmarts is invoked from within TMG, you're only using the analysis portion of GenSmarts (not the data extraction part, or the display part, or the marking/tagging parts, etc.).

So in the case of invoking from within TMG... it's TMG itself that decides what data to have GenSmarts analyze (usually just things about the person you've got displayed) and it's TMG itself that displays those results to you.

When you run standalone, GenSmarts itself reads through your TMG data, does the analysis and presents the results back to you. TMG does not need to be installed for this to work - you would just need to have access to your TMG file.

All of the above is also true for RootsMagic integration with GenSmarts.

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