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Posted December 16, 2007 11:47am

brickwalls writes...

I subscribe to several genealogy databases. Is there a way to descriminate which sources have been previously searched with or without results?

New data is added to most of them and it's difficult to keep track unless a research log of "already searched" criteria is kept. If you have a large number of people in your files, it's alot of toggling back & forth between TMG & GenSmarts to check even family groups.

I'm looking for a simpler method of keeping track of repetitive tasks and minimizing duplicate efforts.

Thanks very much.

On 2007-12-16 6:44pm GenSmarts replied...

Individual suggestions within GenSmarts can be marked FOUND, NOT FOUND, or, in Version 2, any custom mark you want to make up.

If your talking about what you can do from within TMG itself, outside of GenSmarts, I'm not sure how TMG lets you mark up research tasks. I know TMG lets you create a research task from a GenSmarts suggestion and I know that the information is there within TMG to display the TMG research task status assoicated with a suggestion... but I'm not sure exactly how much of that TMG shows you. You might try the TMG-L Rootsweb list on the TMG specifics as there are quite a few TMG/GenSmarts users that hang out there.

On 2007-12-22 12:27pm brickwalls added...

Thanks for the suggestion about the lists. I understand what's happening with my data now.

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