Dec 6, 2007 Newsletter Questions...

Posted December 7, 2007 10:09am

In response to our recent newsletter, , here's a few questions that we got via email. Just thought we'd share the Q/A...

Q) How can I analyze sources for an individual?

A) In the drop down list box immediately above the TO DO list, which defaults originally to "Show All Suggestions", select the drop down option "Suggestions for a person", which will start a wizard to help you show only suggestions for a specific person. This is a Version 2 feature.

Q) How can I copy the reports I have onto my notepad?

A) I assume by notepad you mean a handheld device of some sorts. Explore the "What type of output do you want" options at the bottom of the GenSmarts dialog that pops up to let you specify report paramaters. Perhaps a PDF, word, or excel format would work for copying to your notepad. These are Version 2 choices (Version 1 was limited to paper).

Q) How do I tell GenSmarts what online sites I subscribe to?

A) TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscriptions tab

Q) I'm having trouble connecting to

A) If you're getting a web page instead, read it and it will explain what could be happening, along with instructions on how to resolve whatever the issue is. If you're having trouble logging in or the site is really slow to load, then it's likely a problem between your browser and the site itself - unrelated to GenSmarts. In that case, get your access to working in your browser (use the same browser GenSmarts uses) first, then try the GenSmarts access again.

Q) How do I update GenSmarts?

A) Follow the instructions at

If you have Version 1 and want Version 2, you'll need to purchase

it - see to save $10 in doing so.

Q) How do I get GenSmarts to use Firefox as the browser?

A) Firefox doesn't support all of the features (like letting GenSmarts doing the typing for you on lookups) that IE does, so you may want to consider that in deciding which to use with GenSmarts. See this forum post for how to tell GenSmarts to use Firefox -

Q) I have Legacy and FTM both on my machine. I can't get GenSmarts to recognize my Legacy file.

A) The special edition of GenSmarts that was included free with some version of FTM only works with FTM. You'll need the full edition of GenSmarts to read both FTM and Legacy data.

Q) How do I install GenSmarts on a different computer?

A) See the number 2 item on our support page for instructions:

Q) What is a blue star?

A) A suggestion for a person who is a direct ancestor of people you've tagged in the My Genealogy File tab.

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