Rootsmagic 3 and Trial gensmart 2

Posted September 9, 2007 10:38pm

d395parker writes...

I have just tried the trial version of gensmart 2 and when I try and run it within rootsmagic 3 it crashes the rootsmagic program. Is this a trial version problem or do I have other issues?

On 2007-09-10 3:01pm GenSmarts replied...

There seems to be some issue in RootsMagic where, for a few users, RootsMagic will crash during it's preparation to call GenSmarts. For most people it works fine. As the error occurs in RootsMagic, it wouldn't matter what version of GenSmarts you had (e.g. the problem isn't in GenSmarts, but rather in RootsMagic).

RootsMagic is aware of the problem, but last I checked hadn't had any success duplicating the problem (it apparently also works fine in their test environments). They need to be able to duplicate the problem in order to know what they need to fix in RootsMagic.

GenSmarts when run standalone isn't affected by any of the above, of course.

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