Gensmarts 2 with RootsMagic 3

Posted August 27, 2007 8:22am

Tonyt writes...

I installed a copy of Gensmarts and am very pleased with the improvements over vsn 1.0. The feature I particularly like is that it doesn,t advise me to search information that I already have. However when I use it within RM3, instead of stand alone, it seems to revert to the vsn 1 format, i.e. advising me to search information that I already have e.g.census documents.

Why is this and can anything be done about it.


On 2007-08-27 3:19pm GenSmarts replied...

The internal interface between RootsMagic and GenSmarts is sort of a 50/50 proposition - both sides need to be in sync regarding source data for it to be taken into consideration. Hopefully Version 4 of RootsMagic will be in sync with the Version 2 capabilities of GenSmarts regarding sources. I (Aaron) have had discussions with Bruce (RootsMagic) about it.

On 2007-09-20 12:52pm eesparkydude added...

I just purchased RM3 and Gensmarts at the FGS in Ft. Wayne had the pleasure to meet you both. I am still learning, but I thought I had noticed a lot of recommended suggestions of items that I already had data for. Tonyt questions seems to address this. I also have FTM 2006 running. Will these "duplicate" suggestions also occur when using FTM 2006. How about when running RM3 and if I export a gedcom, and then used the gedcom into GenSmarts will these problems be corrected?


Craig Stevenson

On 2007-09-20 6:02pm GenSmarts replied...

When running GenSmarts Version 2 standalone, you shouldn't get suggestions that are duplicative of things you have sourced (at least, that's the goal). This is a new feature in Version 2 and applies to RootsMagic files, FTM files, and other file types (except Gedcom and Brothers Keeper). When run standalone, GenSmarts itself is responsible for interpretting the data in the file.

The RootsMagic Version 3 "get GenSmarts Suggestions" feature doesn't pass source data for consideration, so you may get duplicative suggestions when using that feature. It is anticipated that RootsMagic Version 4 will pass source data to GenSmarts. When invoked from within RootsMagic (or TMG - it has a similar feature), it's up to the host program (e.g. RootsMagic) to decide what data should be considered by GenSmarts.

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