Suggestions for Birth Records Depend on Location?

Posted August 22, 2007 4:30pm

chatterchit writes...

My GenSmarts generates suggestions to search for ancestors' birth records only for certain locations -- i.e. only certain counties or certain states.

Suggestions do not depend on the records' online availability (I wasn't filtering searches for that.)

They also do not depend on the records' ACTUAL availability -- I know, for example, Montgomery County, Illinois provides birth records from 1877 onward, but GenSmarts does not suggest to search for a birth record if a person is born in Illinois.

Why does the program only suggest searches for certain locations?



On 2007-08-23 1:06am GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts makes recommendations for things we've inventoried... it won't make recommendations for things that it doesn't know about. So what gets suggested doesn't really vary by location - rather it relates to the holdings of the web sites and libraries we've inventoried.

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