No suggestions for a specific person

Posted August 21, 2007 1:21pm

chatterchit writes...

I've been using GenSmarts for a week now and I've run into a problem. When I create a To Do List, it ignores the wife of a direct ancestor (i.e. she's a direct ancestor, too.) No suggestions of any kind are given for her.

  1. Why is it doing this?

  2. How can I fix this and get GenSmarts to recognize this direct line?

Note: The direct ancestor does not have another spouse, so the program is not recognizing a different line...

On 2007-08-21 6:06pm GenSmarts replied...

The simplest explanation would be that GenSmarts simply doesn't have any suggestions. Check the "My Genealogy File" tab and verify the wife's data is coming in from your file ok.

You would also use the My Genealogy File tab to mark direct ancestors. See the help file for instructions on how to do that, if needed.

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