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Posted August 21, 2007 8:46pm

iNexxFear writes...


With the recent release of both GenSmarts 2 and Family Tree Maker 2008, I was wondering if the GenSmarts 2 app supports the new file layout... And if not, will a patch be made available to those who just purchased GenSmarts 2?

Please advise,

Thanks! [:)]

On 2007-08-23 1:09am GenSmarts replied...

We have it working with the last FTM 2008 beta and as soon as we get our copy of the final FTM 2008 release (we're checking the mailbox each day like everyone else), we expect to be able to issue a Version 2 update soon (within a few days). I'll post an update here in the forum as things develop relating to this, so check back occasionally for updates.

As most of you probably realize, the only thing in common FTM 2008 has with previous versions of Family Tree Maker is the name/branding... everything about it is new from the ground up, including the way the data is stored and accessed... which means we're also starting from scratch in how we interface to it.

On 2007-08-25 8:28pm GenSmarts replied...

(Update: 8/29/07)

An update to GenSmarts Version 2 (any edition) is now available that adds support for the new FTM 2008. As we're still testing it and looking for feedback, we've tagged it as a "optional/minor update", so you won't be necessarily be prompted to download it when you run GenSmarts (yet - you will once we tag it as recommended). Rather, you manually can get the update by going to the GenSmarts update page:


and running the "failsafe" update module link you find at the top center of that page.

There are no known issues with the above update. There are no plans to add FTM 2008 support to Version 1 of GenSmarts, so you'll need to upgrade to Version 2 if you want to use GenSmarts together with FTM 2008. Email support@GenSmarts.com if you have any questions about upgrading.

As with earlier version of Family Tree Maker, when Family Tree Maker is running, it will not share any of it's data. So you'll need to run GenSmarts first, with Family Tree Maker closed... then, once GenSmarts is open, you can open up Family Tree Maker and have them both open at once.

If you do try the above version, drop me a note at support@gensmarts.com and let me know how it works for you ( or not ). Or post back here in the forum if you prefer.

After we finish our testing with the above and get some user feedback on it, we'll change the "tag" on this update to recommended and all usres will be proactively notified of it's availability.


On 2007-08-31 10:34am GenSmarts replied...

We tagged the update as "recommended" this morning, so GenSmarts itself should see it and notify you. If not, you can always upgrade manually by going to the web page:


and clicking on the "to upgrade, click here" link at the top center of the page.

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