Sorting Record Suggestions issue

Posted August 14, 2007 10:04am

GenSmartsUser writes...

In GenSmarts 1, I was able to sort the suggestions based on the first word, such as California Birth Index, where all of the suggestions with California Birth Index would be sorted first.

I can not seem to find this scenario in V2.


Thank you.

Also, I notice in other threads that SSDI is only recognized by certain abbreviations. I use RootsMagic, and the fact abbreviation, at least what RM shows, is Soc Sec No, with actual Abbreviation SSN,

yet, I still have GenSmarts telling me that I need to obtain this record, even though, I havt it.

Has anyone else had problems with SSDI records in RM?

On 2007-08-15 9:35pm GenSmarts replied...

The sorts in V2 are the same as in V1, plus an additional sort was added. Perhaps you're thinking of simply typing "California Birth Index" in the <= SEARCH box, which would only display those suggestions? That <= SEARCH box is in the "advanced" V2 View - which you can switch on using the top line menu... VIEW...ADVANCED...

See the last newsletter for a tip on this:

Also, you can use that top line VIEW... menu to select the Version 1 to do list interface, if you want to see if that joggs your memory of what you did in V1.

On 2007-08-16 10:14pm GenSmartsUser added...

Thank you for pointing the advanced feature in V2. This is what I was looking for!

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