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Posted July 27, 2007 10:46pm

mikeys7772 writes...

I use Family Tree Maker and will receive the latest version next month. I'm currently using FTM 2005.

I love GenSmarts, but I may not be capturing the data the way I should (neither FTM or GenSmarts). It would be great if there was a mapping for each Genealogy Program (or db) that indicates what GenSmarts is looking for. For example, I have a lot of census information in the Edit|Notes tab, but not in the General|Facts tab. I believe this is why I'm seeing recommendations for info that I have already captured. If I have to clean up my data, then I want to do it once and do it correctly. I would like to know what I should name the facts so that GenSmart knows it is there. Thanks!

GenSmarts is a GREAT program!

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On 2007-07-28 5:52pm GenSmarts replied...

Recording things as facts/events would be the way to best communicate electronic information outside of your genealogy database, as that way the information has enough structure for meaning to be derived from it. Use the default fact types/events your software comes with whenever possible. If you're going to create your own events/facts, make sure to choose the right gedcom export mapping for it... that's generally what GenSmarts keys off of (the Gedcom export event tag associated with a custom event) to derive meaning from facts/events.

GenSmarts Version 2 is much more thorough at rationalizing suggestions against the data you already have.

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