Gensmarts 2 on linux/wine?

Posted July 19, 2007 5:55am

btolka writes...

I am running Ubuntu linux 7.04. I am using the lastes version of WINE to run my windows apps. However when I start gensmarts i get the error

UM01- GenSmarts.exe is already running.

any ideas or help is appreciated.


On 2007-07-20 6:59pm GenSmarts replied...

It's not supported on Linux/Wine, of course, but it can be made to run (according to our survey of one known Linux/Wine user)...

Wine apparently doesn't support Windows Mutexes, at least not accurately... so if you're going to try to run on Linux/Wine you have to tell GenSmarts to skip doing the Mutexes. To accomplish that, don't run GenSmarts.exe (which is the upgrade check), but rather run gsEngine.exe directly with this command line:

gsEngine.exe skipmutex

There are some graphics/drawing issues, but I understand they're minor.

You'll need the current verison - for this to work.

On 2007-07-23 11:09am btolka added...

thnks it worked like a charm...


On 2011-03-04 10:14am GenSmarts replied...

I notice that the Crossover emulator on the Mac, which uses Wine internally, does not need this "skipmutex" parm when you start GenSmarts.

It could be that Wine has improved their support for Mutexes... or I may have made a change in the intervening years so that GenSmarts is able to detect the lack of support and not worry about it.

Anyway, if you're using Wine, you might try gsEngine.exe straight away, with no parms, and only move to the skipmutex parm if you get the UM01 error.


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