Posted July 14, 2007 5:23pm

FYI - There's a bug in the latest version of AVG anti-virus that throws a "false positive" (detects a virus where there is none) on the GenSmarts CD - file UIPlayer.exe (the program that plays the training video content on the CD). I believe the bug is in AVG's heuristic algorithm, so if you disable that AVG feature that would likely avoid the message.

Heuristic algorithms try to detect unknown viruses by looking at a patterns in known viruses and comparing them to the program in question. Kinda like observing that many criminals have tattoos and deducing that a person with a tattoo might be a criminal... so you can see where it might be prone to the occasional false positive. (Nothing against you folks with tattoos... I'm just making up an example)

A good website to go to when you are trying to figure out if something really is a virus or not is It's an automated service that will let you upload a suspicious file and (in real time) run a dozen or so different virus scanners on it and show you the results.

On 2007-07-14 7:24pm GenSmarts replied...

Kudos to AVG support - they fixed the issue very quickly... here's the note they sent me:

"We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

This file is no longer present in the virus definitions.(269.10.6/900)

Please update your AVG installation in order to solve this issue."

So AVG users that get this warning can simply update their AVG virus definitions to resolve the false report.

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