from sources?

Posted July 10, 2007 7:49pm

KeithT writes...

In the hypothesis block, I'm seeing things like:

...and he was found on census (from sources) in 1900 in (GSEST. Henry County, Virginia).

I do not have a 1900 census associated with this individual. What does "from sources" mean?



On 2007-07-11 1:48pm GenSmarts replied...

There was a bug in (and earlier) that was causing some sources to be associated with the wrong person in PAF, AQ, and AFT files. The fix will be in the next update we release, but here's an unreleased full edition version that you can use in the interim:

It could also be that that this person has a census source with something in the source name or description that GenSmarts is taking for a 1900 census. Try the above update first, though, and if that doesn't resolve it, post the sources this person has here and I'll comment.

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