Posted June 23, 2007 9:08pm

jliddil writes...

I am new to Gensmart. I am using Legacy 6. So it appears that based on what I read in the forum that Smartlink and Smartsearch won't work with Firefox. Despite setting my default sto default browser and the pathe to firefox.exe when I click on the smartlink or smartsearch IE7 is executed. Is there a way around this? Though I understand from a security standpoint this behavior in a browser could easily be exploited for not so benign tasks

On 2007-06-24 12:51am GenSmarts replied...

Assuming your Windows is setup with Firefox as the default browser, the only change you would need to make in GenSmarts is:

TOOLS...SETTINGS...Integration tab...

choose BROWSE for the default search site linking.

There's no need to point to the Firefox.exe if it's already your Windows default browser.

As you've probably read, BROWSE isn't as functional as SMARTSEARCH and SMARTLINK with IE, but the above setting lets you choose it as the default if that's what you prefer.

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