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Posted June 14, 2007 7:16pm

Patt writes...

I just upgraded to v2 and at the top of the to do list are SSDI. The individuals all have SS# in their record and the SSDI is indicated as the source for SS#, birth, death, etc.

Why would this happen?

Patt Ricketts


On 2007-06-14 8:32pm GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts isn't recognizing any SSDI sources for the person in question in the file you're having GenSmarts analyze.

It could be something as simple as analyzing the wrong file (perhaps an older copy), or it could be that you've recorded the sources in a way that GenSmarts doesn't understand - for example if you named the source something like "soc. sec. di" - GenSmarts wouldn't recognize that as an SSDI source.

What type of file is it that you're analyzing (e.g. FTM, PAF, TMG, etc.) and how is the source named/recorded?

Also, verify you have the latest version - Version - see if you need help figuring out what you have.

On 2007-06-20 11:09am Patt added...

First, I do have the lastest version and it is the lastest version of my data.

I'm using TMG. My source title is Social Security Death Index. The abbreviation for the source is M SS death index Anc.

What do I need to change?



On 2007-06-20 4:58pm GenSmarts replied...

In this current release you have two options...

1) You can change your abbreviation to contain either of the following phrases:



and that should work. So, for example, if you changed your abbreviation to:


That should work fine.


2) You can, instead of changing any of your data, add the following change to your GenSmarts.ini file in the [Analysis] section:

SSDIMustMatch=SS death

The above line will change what GenSmarts is looking for in that abbreviation.

If you're not comfortable making changes to an INI file, then I'd suggestion option 1 above.

On 2007-06-21 6:58pm Patt added...

Thank you very much changing the abbreviation to M SSDI Anc worked like a charm


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