Windows 95 - msimg32.dll missing message

Posted June 7, 2007 12:27am

Harry Brodrick writes...

I installed version 2 from CD; at the end, I received the message "cannot find import; dll may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version.

File msimg32.dll error 1157"

I then tried starting Gen Smarts from explorer; after connecting to internet, and showing logo, the error code is error 31.

I downloaded a copy of msimg.dll from the internet and get the same error message. The version of this file is 5.1.2600.1106 (xpsp 1.020828-1920).

What should I do now?

On 2007-06-07 7:16am GenSmarts replied...

I don't recognize either error as coming from GenSmarts, but rather from MS Windows itself - what version of Windows do you have?

On 2007-06-07 5:29pm Harry Brodrick added...

I have WIN 95 4.00.950 b.

I also have Gen Smarts 1.07.30 and am able to use it ok.

On 2007-06-07 10:14pm GenSmarts replied...

I don't think anything later than is likely to work on Windows 95 - that's when we added support for Vista.

To add support for Vista, we had to move to some new versions of a couple of sub-components that we use in GenSmarts and those sub-components no longer support Windows 95.

It might be possible to get it working doing something like what you attempted (copying over a missing DLL), but you'd need to get it from a Windows 98 system - it looks like the one you copied came from XP. And there's likely 2 or 3 other things you'll run into after you get by that problem...

Contact and we'll give you a couple of options on how to proceed.

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