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Posted June 6, 2007 9:01pm

MicheleC writes...

When I load GS version, I get a message that I should download the recommended update

I'm confused and before I download the recommended update, would like to know if this update is for GS1 or GS2? If it is for GS1, can I continue to safely ignore the recommendation?



On 2007-06-06 9:53pm GenSmarts replied...

Both Version 1 and Version 2 updates are packaged together, and there's a bug in the display message that displays the appropriate version number for what you have. It always displays the Version 1 portion of the update, rather than the Version 2 portion.

The update itself works fine and will get you - it's simply the display message that's incorrect.

We've fixed it on the update page :


utility, and it's fixed in the next update we'll be putting out.

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