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Posted May 10, 2007 12:40pm

c24m48 writes...

Could you post a little more information about the partial file analysis feature that's in Version 2? Several of the new features look pretty neat, but I think the partial file analysis feature is the one that would be of most benefit for my research.

I get several hundred thousand research recommendations when I start GenSmarts against my main database. Even with filtering, that's a bit much to deal with. So I typically create extracts from my main database, and run GenSmarts against the extracts. The extracts are typically based on the descendants of a particular person. Is "descendants of a particular person" one of the options for the new partial file analysis feature?

Jerry Bryan

On 2007-05-10 4:22pm GenSmarts replied...

There's a couple of screen shots and excerpts from the help text here:

If you're currently doing extracts, I think you'll immediately recognize the similarity to how this works. The beauty of it is that, unlike an extract, you're storing criteria, instead of actual people, so it automatically adapts to most changes in your data... whereas extracts have to be done repeatedly as data changes.

On 2007-05-10 4:27pm c24m48 added...

This is absolutely wonderful. I'll be upgrading today.

Jerry Bryan

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